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Food diversification is a program that encourage people to vary their daily diet, so they are not focus to eat one commodity only. It has become a culture in Indonesia that the term of “eating” is not eating without the presence of rice in the menu. This habbit is causing the high consumption of rice, while the other nutrition source such as protein, vitamin, and mineral is still lacking compare to the other country in Asia. Data from BPS (Center of Statistic Department) said that people in Indonesia consume rice for 130 kg per families of the area per year, while the other country, Japan, they only consume 30 kg per families of the area per year. This matter shows us that people in Indonesia are very depending on rice stocks. Why we should do diversification? Over-depending on rice could come a threat to our food endurance, because when the stocks of rice in Indonesia is decreasing and people can not change to the other carbohydrate source, so the only way the goverment will take is importing rice. By importing rice, our food endurance will depend on the other country.

To solve this problem, government has done many persuasive programs of food diversification. One of them is One Day No Rice. One Day No Rice is a program that people is recommended to change their source of carbohydrate by changing rice by changing rice to the other carbohydrate source within one day. This program is aiming to initiate people to accept other carbohydrate source beside rice. However, seeing the reality in people in Indonesia, this program is not effective because so many people still do not know about this program caused by the lack of socialization to them.

Beside the programs from government, academic institution such as Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) also participate through the research to build the food diversification. Bogor Agricultural University made innovation of food for other carbohydrate source, such as analog rice and corn noodle. However, once again, this program is still lacking because production system is still on laboratorium scale. Production system of small scale like this make the capital money is high, so the price of these products is expensive and only few people buy these products.

Many food diversification have done, but the implementation on daily routine is still lacking. There are so many factors which inhibit those food diversification program. First, from characteristic of sensory, the taste of carbohydrate source beside

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